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I am half british and half australian. What does this mean? It means naturally through years of too much tea and fish and chips that my natural pearly whites turned a natural pearly yellow.
After having moved to the USA in 2008 I found myself a gorgeous looking girlfriend, who, happens to be a Cali girl. Suddenly I felt the need to look after my teeth more as hers were kind of akin to Lauren Conrad of the hills, or some other celebrity with those fascinating unnaturally brilliant diamond white teeth.
Yes… I had a complex about it.

I’ve tried teeth whitening before, and I originally had dental appointments and used a hydroxide sort of paste that did help with my teeth – it was a bit of a pain though and was super expensive.
I thought maybe I’ll get veneers? Nope… too expensive.

So one last try for teeth whitening… I have started on Idol White teeth whitening, they are pens and are quick and easy to apply… I like it so far.
I’ve only been testing it out for the last week but the results so far are pretty good.
I’ll be posting pics up online of the progress as I intend to use them for quite a while until I’m 100% happy with the outcome.

You can trial the product yourself and see how it goes for you – if you do super great and you’re sporting a set of whiteys then shoot me a pic and I’ll post it up here so others can take a look too!


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