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So a little while back my partner and I managed to get yeast infections in a not so great region ( yes, the genital variety ). Having never experienced anything like it before I was shocked and worried at first, I thought there had been some sort of fidelity crisis and I was now one of the statistics of genital herpes or some kind of STD variety.

Fortunately enough I did some research on google and things pointed towards it being a yeast infection. If you’ve never experienced a yeast infection some of the symptoms go along these lines:

Symptoms of a vaginal or genital yeast infection:

  • Itching sensation, burning sensation (more noticable during intercourse), itching is not always a factor but can get irritable and bad
  • White discharges either from the vagina or in a man they can occur around the head of the penis – almost like peeling sunburnt skin but can be thick and clumpy also
  • If you’re brave enough to smell it (which I wouldn’t suggest) – it can apparently smell like bread, beer or any other yeasty food

So now that you’ve probably self diagnosed yourself as having a yeast infection lets explore the options and I’ll share with you some of the things we tried to get rid of the problem.

Some people recommend using anti-itch creams or anti-fungal creams most commonly used to treat tinea, these can work and we did try this but the burning sensation during application is pretty intolerable and using something designed to kill fungus between your toes doesn’t exactly sound great does it?

We ended up finding a product called Yeastrol which is a homeopathic treatment which means it is all natural, amazingly enough it worked. Within about 4 days after using the product we were all clear and our life was back to normal.

I highly recommend the product, it can be a little hard to find in the stores so I recommend punching it through online and getting yourself a couple of bottles to knock that nasty yeast infection out cold.

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